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Mindela Mossman

United States
Fluent in: English

I discovered Heart iQ in 2011, starting out with a home study program and eventually attending a circle retreat in 2013 which totally lit me up!  I participated in the Leadership Mastery facilitator training in 2015, and it was then that I realized I wanted to help bring this work to the world by being on the Heart iQ team.  That dream was realized in 2017 and I joyfully served the organization & community until 2019.  I’m passionate about living the Heart iQ principals, and continue to learn and grow; I love the depth and possibility available through this work.

Sam Peret

United States
Fluent in: English

My main fascination in life right now is the magic of group dynamics. Time and time again I watch healing accelerate, personalities open, and bonds be built faster and deeper than in any other setting. I've been largely involved in Mens work since 2014, attending, facilitating and hosting retreats, which brings a lovely balance to raising twin daughters. Marketing and business consultant by profession, I invite the opportunity for authenticity and aliveness in the business world, in my home life, and in the retreats I host with my partner. I look forward to diving deeper together.

Larissa Klein-Barge

United Kingdom
Fluent in: English

One of my greatest passions is supporting people in coming into deeper connection with themselves and in their relationships while reclaiming the power & innocence of their sexuality.

For me HeartIQ and the 90day challenge offer an exceptional tool kit for transforming relationships with communication skills and embodiment.
This has helped me develop my skills as a coach at understanding what is moving at a deeper level and helping people voice, and work with, the underlying truths that are not being spoken.

I am a Certified Heart IQ relationship coach, and currently Heart IQ facilitator in training.
I co-facilitate with Sumir in the Feminine Rising programs as the lead Feminine Guide for Intimacy & Sensuality.

Gitte Briffa

Fluent in: English, Dutch

My name is Gitte Briffa and I look forward to starting the 90 days challenge with you. Originally, my education is in Political Science and Social Work. However, early on my intuition was that societal transformation comes from within. I have been exploring the inner workings of being human for as long as I can remember, taking inspiration from tantra, Heart IQ, Radical Honesty, Dynamic Emotional Integration and family constellations. I have met my partner at a Heart IQ summit seven years ago and we practice this work daily. I am an ambassador for this juicy work as it connects me with my rich inner world and more importantly it helps me to experience freedom and safety in my relationships. I can’t wait to support you in discovering the beautiful Heart IQ world.

In Dutch:

Mijn naam is Gitte Briffa en ik kijk ernaar uit de 90-day challenge met jou te starten. Oorspronkelijk ben ik opgeleid als politica en sociaal werkster, maar al vroeg ontdekte ik dat maatschappelijke verandering begint van binnenuit. Zo lang ik me kan herinneren ben ik op onderzoek wat het betekent om mens te zijn. Hierbij heb ik uit vele inspiratiebronnen mogen putten: tantra, Radical Honesty, Dynamic Emotional Integration, familie-opstellingen en natuurlijk HeartIQ. Zeven jaar geleden heb ik mijn partner leren kennen op een HeartIQ seminar en sindsdien is het mijn intentie om dit werk dagelijks te leven. Ik ben een ambassadeur voor dit fantastische werk omdat ik zie hoe het mij helpt te verbinden met mijn rijke innerlijke wereld en – belangrijker nog – hoe het me vrijheid en veiligheid brengt in mijn relaties. Ik kan niet wachten om je te begeleiden in het ontdekken van de prachtige wereld van HeartIQ.

Cecilia Paarmann

Fluent in: English, German

My highest devotion is to guid us humans out of stressful relationships into love and connection. For many years now I am on this journey to understand myself and to grow in my own relationships.

My name is Cecilia Paarmann and I live in Berlin. I have been guiding couples professionally, for the last 10 years, into deeper joy, playfulness and intimacy.

As a part of my work I use the Heart IQ language and mat work, from Christian Pankhurst, to awaken my clients into their full power of intimacy.

Within the Heart IQ community I’ve been able to show my self fully, and finally be seen in my true essence. I’ve experienced many life altering breakthroughs, both personally and together with my husband, which has brought us a new found sense of joy and purpose together, beyond what I could have ever imagined.

This life changing experience is inspiring me to be a part of the coaching team for the 90 day challenge.

Sandy Perrin

Fluent in: English, German, French

Hi I am Sandy,

I am a certified coach and communication trainer and work with individuals, groups and organisations to reset their relationships and culture for trust and collaboration. I love to create and hold space for people, so they experience the needed level of security and freedom for sincere and effective communication. Hence, I am super excited to act as a coach during the 90-Day Heart IQ Challenge. I look forward to supporting you and hope to bring the right amount of presence, depth and humour that will allow you to thrive and grow on this journey.

Kobi Beck

United Kingdom
Fluent in: English

With a vast background in yoga, dance, meditation, tantra and self-development, in recent years I've trained with 'Embodied Intimacy’, Circling' and currently on Christian’s facilitator training.

I work as an Aqua bodyworker (Watsu & Waterdance).

I'm trained and employed as a sculptor for 21yrs, and still continue my own work as a self employed artist.

I’m currently facilitating circles (when covid permits in-between current lockdowns) as I'm passionate about living an embodied life and assisting others back to the wisdom of their bodies along with a deep fascination in the intelligence of the group field. Always intuitive and coming from my own experience I believe in our human need for connection together with the importance to live in our truth, therefore I live an ongoing enquiry into ways we can live more nourishing and satisfying lives and relationships.

I’m feeling very privileged to be part of this challenge, simply because I am passionate about bringing this work into the world, and surrounding myself with fellow contributors of a more conscious life

Nathalie Depasse

Fluent in: English, French, Dutch

Living in Belgium, south of Brussels, with my husband and our four daughters, I am a transformational life coach, Reiki practitioner and the founder of «Emergence-Chrysalie».
After coaching people for more than 20 years in the corporate sector, Christian Pankhurst’s work crossed my path in 2017 and this became the most amazing and life-changing experience I had in my life.
My own transformation was so magical that I decided to change career to dedicate myself to study the skills and tools discovered in Heart IQ and to learn more about breath and body work, energy healing and other practices.
Today, my passion is to combine those same tools with my experienced coaching skills to help others reconnect to who they really are and to thrive in their life, their relations and at work.

Anna Numell

Fluent in: English, Swedish

My passion is to contribute to people to remember and to (reconnect to) their inner wisdom and integrate that wisdom in their body.

I work (as a therapist) today with client and as a group facilitation in coaching, with yoga, other embodiment modalities and meditation.

To provide a supportive environment to help my fellow humans bloom into their full potential and thrive is something that makes my heart blow wide open. 

“To be able to be held, felt, witnessed and loved in a space created in total present from others is a profound gift beyond words that I wish all human beings gets a chance to experience.”

Diana Lockett

Fluent in: English

Diana is a visionary leader with a gift for building heart centered communities through storytelling and vulnerable and authentic somatic practices. Her longing is to support women in melting their masks that keep them separate so that they can reveal and welcome home the beauty of their vulnerable hearts, the power of their message, and feel their sisterhood and authenticity.  She offers individual transformational coaching and creates the space and tools for her clients to release tension, access their inspiration and feel better in their lives while realizing they can manifest their dreams.   In community, she teaches conscious leadership and supports her clients to access the power of the collective to melt away their defenses, expand their awareness and create a collective vision for their world with the remembrance that the collective will create the pathway to global community and healing. In addition to offering Transformational Embodied Coaching, Diana is a mother, a friend, and spends her time welcoming the blessings of her life including having the privilege of being an international Speaker, an International Best-Selling Author, and a Communication Consultant. She has been teaching conscious communication and mindfulness strategies for 30 years through personal leadership coaching, business coaching and in the educational system and supports children who are nonverbal to find their voice.  She received her Master’s degree from Syracuse University, is a Certified Coach, Mindfulness Educator, Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur.

Hilde Jonckers

Fluent in: English, Dutch, French

15 jaar geleden startte ik met een opleiding NLP omdat ik het gevoel had dat mensen me niet helemaal zagen voor wie ik echt ben.

Vele workshops, opleidingen, en certificaten later (Master NLP, Systemic coach, Team facilitator …) kwam HeartiQ van Christian Pankhurst op mijn pad.

De laatste 5 jaar volgde ik verschillende Deep dive retreats, werd ik HeartiQ Relationship coach.  Ik werd hoe langer hoe meer gefascineerd over de manier waarop Christian erin slaagde om harten van de deelnemers te openen.

Ik zag hoe hij  deelnemers kon begeleiden te relaxen in wie ze echt zijn.

Dank zij HeartiQ, Christian  én de vele, diverse deelnemers ben ik tot het besef gekomen dat het veilig is om me te laten zien zoals ik helemaal ben.

Ik voel me vereerd en geraakt dat ik mee mag helpen om dit mooie HeartiQ werk verder te verspreiden.

En ik kijk ernaar uit om je te mogen ont-moeten.

15 years ago I started with a  training  in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) because I had the feeling that people weren’t quite seeing me for who I truly am.

Many workshops, trainings, and certificates later (Master NLP, Systemic coach, Team facilitator ...) HeartiQ of Christian Pankhurst came across my path.

The last 5 years I followed several Deep Dive retreats and became HeartiQ Relationship coach.  I became more and more fascinated by the way in which Christian managed to open the hearts of the participants.

I  saw how under his guidance participants could relax into who they really are.

Thanks to HeartiQ, Christian and the many, diverse participants, I came to realize that it is safe to show myself fully, as I really am.

I feel honored and touched to be able to help spread the beautiful HeartiQ work.  

I look forward to meeting you.

Brenda Gilbert

United States
Fluent in: English

I am a mother and inspired by youth.  I am passionate about effective communication and practiced as a Speech-Language Pathologist for many years. I have lived in three co-housing communities and value community where all life thrives. I live in Portland, Oregon, USA.  

After 19 years of formal education ending with a Master of Science degree, I found experiential learning.  For the last 17 years I have played in somatics, emotional intelligence, spirituality, communication, and other transformational educations.  

As a Heart IQ facilitator, my delight is in seeing people transform in a loving community, as they connect heart-to-heart through the language of love.